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Beauty & Personal Care Category

This beauty and personal care brand saw a significant 3.3x increase in sales year-over-year by working with Reflex Consultancy.

We worked to understand the brand, products, and target customer to then re-build all product pages, images, A+, Brand Story, and Brand Store for maximum effectiveness.

Once the foundation was laid, it was time to implement the paid ads strategy which led to the biggest and best peak sales season ever for this brand.

Home Appliance Category

This home appliance brand quickly enjoyed a 2.9x increase in sales month-over-month by working with us.

By conducting thorough consumer behaviour, keyword, and competitor analysis to understand the competitive advantage of this brand in the market, we quickly got to work on a ground-up overhaul of this brand's presence on Amazon.

The results were almost immediate with sales coming through and increasing the number of keywords ranked from less than 30 to over 1,000.

Case Study

Actiplus Health Brand & Product Amazon Launch

Actiplus Health are a new supplement healthcare brand with the aim to give customers an easier and more enjoyable option to taking vitamins and other food supplements.

This is achieved by offering their products in a gummy format with different natural fruity flavours and a chewy texture, along with recyclable packaging.

Actiplus Health needed to launch its products and brand on Amazon, be immediately discoverable, and achieve consistent sales growth.


- 2 -

Launch the brand and three initial products on Amazon with the best possible execution and optimisation.

- 1 -

Develop the brand identity to stand out in a competitive category on Amazon UK.

- 3 -

Fast-start sales to build a customer base, create sales, and drive product reviews.


The brand is new to market with no existing awareness, no social media presence, and no sales channels.

Communicating to consumers the benefits of the products and reasons to buy versus the competition.

Budgets must be tightly managed to ensure a positive ROI shortly after launch.

Launching in Q4 - peak season for shoppers and a time when pricing becomes more competitive.

Solutions & Execution

We created a visual identity that aligns with the values of the brand enabling the products to stand out in a list of thousands of competing products on an Amazon search results page.

It's bright, bold, and tells the consumer the benefit clearly, even from a small thumbnail on a phone screen.

All graphic design, video creation, and 3D modelling were completed in-house and in collaboration with the brand.

For the products to have the best possible SEO, extensive competitor and keyword research had to be conducted before building the product pages.

We use a combination of 1st party and 3rd party tools, such as Helium 10, and our years of experience to craft the pages top-to-bottom.

This methodology continued into the setup of Amazon Advertising PPC campaigns to work in harmony with SEO and target every part of the funnel.










More than 25 reviews for each product in the first 2 weeks via organic sales and the Vine programme.

All products launched on time with Prime next-day delivery available to customers.

The whole range is achieving consistent week-on-week sales growth and rising in the Best Sellers rankings.

Paid advertising is delivering positive ROI and generated over 100,000 impressions in 10 days with limited budget.

All information in this case study is provided by and approved to be used by Actiplus Health.

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